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Effective parenting is both responsive and proactive.

Parents must learn to patiently RESPOND in the moment to unexpected situations and behaviors. Each of us should be as well prepared as possible to respond appropriately, wisely, and lovingly to each of our children's unique actions, circumstances, and needs.

Parenting also requires us to be very PROACTIVE by anticipating, strategically planning ahead, and also initiating kindness in our children's lives. Parents should be purposeful and consider ahead of time what a child may need and then set their son or daughter up to grow and thrive on every level: physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and socially.

In many ways, parenting is like a farmer who prepares the soil, sows his seed, and waters the plants with a vision toward a fruitful harvest. He must intentionally initiate specific steps at specific times to achieve a desired outcome. He's proactive. However, he also readies himself to be responsive to unforeseen circumstances beyond his control: changes in temperature, climate, and precipitation. Effective parenting requires this proper mix of healthy responsive and proactive approaches.

This parenting assessment tool is designed to help you identify your tendencies in three key responsive areas and also three key proactive areas of parenting so that you can chart your growth toward your best days ever as a mother or father to your child.


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Your Test Results

Below you'll see a quick snapshot of your assessment. You can always take it again to compare results, or let your spouse take it with you to match up your answers with their perceptions. Your score history will appear below.

Don't try to tackle improvements all at once in all six areas. Choose a focus for just this week, and lead your heart to grow in that direction. See what you can learn. And always keep growing in love.

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